Business Disputes

Business Disputes

No one goes into business expecting to face possible litigation. At Galati Law, we strive to analyze your situation – whether a dispute has arisen between two businesses, between partners, between the board and shareholders, or between a business and an individual. We apply practical solutions to resolve the dispute without litigation. Such an outcome is always preferable for everyone involved. Where resolution is not possible without litigation, Galati Law is ready to help you protect your rights and your business interests through litigation or arbitration.

Galati Law advises and represents clients in the defense and prosecution of a broad range of business disputes. We have represented companies involved in the hospitality/hotel, telecommunications, manufacturing, real estate, and construction industries. The most common types of disputes include:

  • partnership disputes, including those pertaining to the partnership agreement and management of the partnership
  • “insider” vs “outsider” management disputes
  • limited partner vs general partner disputes
  • failure to report or provide information disputes
  • contractual disputes
  • management of funds and investment disputes
  • breach of fiduciary duty


Jaime executed a complex contract review and assisted in negotiations. She was able to find the small hidden dangers within the counter-party’s terms that I believe would have not been apparent to many other attorneys. She made our group her sole focus while we worked together, unlike many other attorneys with whom I’ve worked, who appear to be forever juggling their time between clients. – Elle, business and real estate client